Adventures in 2015

On the eve of the last day off before my wonderful holiday break is over and I go crashing back into reality, I’ve taken a look back over the last 2 weeks. I must say, it feels like it’s been a lot longer {which is a good thing!} but I feel I’ve accomplished a few notable tasks to start the New Year.

The one large project that remains unfinished, however, is my faux fireplace project. We have all the cuts made, now just assembly remains. I have my handy architectural details on hand, but I still need my hubby’s muscles and unfortunately his schedule is less than ideal. I do, however, vow to get this thing completed before February rolls around… here’s to hoping!

Anyway, onto some of the things I’ve been up to. But first, a lovely little Flipagram to welcome 2015 and bid farewell to 2014.

Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015

I have checked off a very huge point on my ‘to do’ list – and that is finally getting curtains for our bedroom! I’ve had the curtain rods up and have been putting this purchase off for a good 6 months now because I had my eye on these beauties from West Elm for what seems like forever, but I just can’t spend almost $400 on curtains. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond a few days ago looking for a more affordable alternative to no avail, and then today on a chance run to Ikea, I found the perfect, and seriously affordable, set of curtains! They weren’t quite as perfect as the West Elm ones I’ve been in love with, but with a total price tag of $48 I just had to go for it! I bought them, quickly put them up, and couldn’t be more pleased! And I already have a DIY project in mind inspired by these lovely Anthropologie curtains that involves pom trim {my absolute favorite} that is sure to bump them to the top of my curtain leaderboard. I am super excited to see how this vision plays out, but in the mean time I love how they go so well with my bedding. They have a subtle texture that matches my Silver Stitch Pleat Duvet and Natalie Quilt perfectly!

Bedroom Update: Mint and Honey design blog

Image: Curtains: Ikea, Bedding: West Elm, Art: DIY


Also found the most adorable pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond to put that finishing touch on our bed. I’ve been looking for the perfect throw pillow that was affordable with the right colors {white and a touch of silver} and when I saw this lovely little pillow I was over the moon! And bonus, it was on clearance for $24.99, then with my trusty BB&B 20% off coupon, it came to $20. So happy!

Reaction by Kenneth Cole Pillow: Mint and Honey design blog

Reaction by Kenneth Cole Pillow: Mint and Honey design blog

The original intent for my Ikea trip was to purchase throw pillows for my arm chairs that will be in front of my faux fireplace. I purchased two of these lovely little pieces a few months back and have been on the hunt for the perfect pillows… little did I know, I would end up finding them at Ikea too! I have plans to purchase some small {16x16ish} sequin pillows to give it a pop, but I’m super pleased with how lovely they look! I spray painted the legs of the chairs silver to match the legs of my dining table I just can’t wait to get that faux fireplace completed to see the whole vision come together!

Ikea Pillows - Mint and Honey design blog

Ikea Pillows - Mint and Honey design blog

Image: Striped Pillow: Ikea, Geometric Pillow: Ikea,

Well, that’s about it for now! Stay tuned for a little DIY currently in the works! Have a lovely evening!

xoxo G


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