Back in the Game… {Some Lovely Things I’ve Been Up To Lately}

Hello darlings! I know it’s been a long while since I last posted… time just seemed to always get from me! All my teacher friends out there will certainly know what it’s like for papers, projects, grades, and planning to entirely consume your existence. I finally feel like I have a handle on my time management {or at least I hope so!} and decided to get back into the game.

So I decided that my first post back will be my last few months in a nutshell. I can’t say things have been terribly exciting, but I do have a few to share!

I’m continuing to {slowly} work on getting our house together. Believe it or not, it’s coming along! My first dilemma was a blank wall space in the entry that I didn’t quite know what to do with… enter World Market. It’s like a tiny slice of heaven… Their products are so unique and very reasonably priced! We ventured out to our local store not too long ago and I picked up the gorgeous farmhouse chalkboard I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. I am SO happy with how perfectly it fit onto that blank entry wall! Needless to say, I’ve been hard at work designing festive sayings to greet us as we enter our home. The first two pieces of chalkboard art that I created have been fall-inspired. I’m SO looking forward to frequently changing the chalkboard art over the holidays!

Fall Chalkboard Art - mint and honey designThanksgiving Chalkboard Art - mint and honey design

My next project was a DIY Holiday Mickey wreath for our front door! Anyone who knows my husband and I, knows that we love all things Disney. When I came across an amazing  fall Mickey on Pinterest, it got my wheels turning… I decided to run to my nearest Michael’s Craft Store and purchase all the supplies to create my very own holiday wreath! I will be doing a separate DIY post detailing how to make one of these beauties. It came out better than I could have imagined! The finishing touch will be the twinkle lights I’m going to add to it next week. More pictures to come!

DIY Mickey Holiday Wreath - mint and honey design

{confession – I’ve never been much of a holiday fan… especially Christmas. My husband typically has to work all major holidays so it kind of put a damper on my spirits in the past… this year, however, with the new house I think I’m going to enjoy decorating for Christmas for the first time! Super happy about this new development… my pocket book however, not so happy. hehe}

The last post is more of a preview. Having lived in Pennsylvania my whole life, I’ve always had a fireplace. When my husband and I moved to Florida, it was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that fireplaces were basically not useful nor were they common place. I decided I wanted to take matters into my own hands and build my own. I scoured the internet for months to find the perfect design. I found this beautiful image from Sweet Something Design and set to work.

DIY Fireplace Inspiration

I got hard to work drawing up elevations and calculating measurements {must be the interior architect in me!} I settled upon the perfect design and taped it off. After feedback from my designer and architect friends, lots and lots of taping and re-taping, I think I’ve finally settled on the final layout!

DIY Fireplace Sketch - mint and honey designDIY Fireplace Taped - mint and honey design

My husband and I are planning to tackle this project next week while I’m off for Thanksgiving break… I will certainly keep you all posted on the progress!

Well, I think that’s about it! Thanks for hanging in there and getting to the end of this post! Happy Friday all!!

Until next time…

xoxo G



One thought on “Back in the Game… {Some Lovely Things I’ve Been Up To Lately}

  1. Hi Honey ! Good to see you blogging again. The fireplace is going to look great. Can’t wait to see pics of that project ! We need to see more house pictures. Too bad Ryan will be working on Chrstmas. I’m sure you will find something fun to do in paradise ! We love and miss you !

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